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4 Campus Drive, Parsippany, NJ, Alpharetta, GA, Melville, LI, 4 Sylvan Way, Parsippany, NJ, Washington, DC


The objective of the project was to create an environment for T-Mobile as being the “Best Place To Work”. From the inception of the project I gathered my team of architects, designers, project managers and IT specialists to join T-Mobile management achieve their vision.


An 8-month dialogue ensued whereby every manager and employee had the opportunity to provide input into the planning process.


A full analysis was created for each of 12 furniture manufacturers with the objective towards standardization companywide. A full-scale mock-up of workstation manufacturers was set up at the Bellevue, WA headquarters of T-Mobile to “kick the tires” and discuss attributes and cost.


At the same time carpet manufacturers were reviewed for maintenance, flexibility, warehousing capabilities, longevity and cost.


We obtained the latest technology information for sound privacy systems (white noise) and reviewed with each manufacturer their attributes.


The organization was responsible for setting up all the analysis through interviews with management and employees. There were spreadsheets of attributes comparing each manufacturer of furniture. The psychology of color was reviewed and a color palette was determined. Full architectural renderings were created for the interiors depicting the workstations, color of walls, flooring, color of fabric and finish on the workstations. We reviewed which type of seating was preferable and the attributes of each chair and fabric determined, quantities of storage per function, amount of coat closet space, filing space, and number of lounge and pantry areas. We even looked at what soft drinks, coffee, tea, cereals and milk products would be offered for free within the pantries. I created a monthly newsletter to keep every employee informed of the progress along with photos of the work in progress.


Our organization was responsible to create the CD’s, bid the work to pre-qualified contractors, analyze the bids, award the work, obtain permits, full project management, reporting, move-in of groups, and close out of projects.


The Goal we determined was to:

  1. Develop space planning with maximum efficiency

  2. Create flex spaces to unwind and relax

  3. Provide common amenities (childcare, exercise areas, pantry areas, etc.)

  4. Create a feeling of camaraderie in the workplace

  5. Develop solutions to create a strong image/brand identity for the workplace

  6. Develop solutions to resolve issues such as noise, areas for privacy

  7. Establish strong internal and external communications (postings on notice boards, stay updated through newsletters)

  8. Promote health (gym, food court)

  9. Acoustic control set up by zones

  10. Develop Order of Magnitude budgets for every new and renovated location


Participants were asked to fill out questionnaires and pinpoint the following aspects:

  1. What is working

  2. What is not working

  3. If I could change one thing-what would that be?


After 8 months of review, the results for the new design features were these.

  1. An emphasis on communal spaces- the employees wanted workstations to be set up so that they could converse with one another in a collaborative atmosphere

  2. A desire to incorporate more color in the workspace- bright colors- such as hot pink, lime green, peacock blue, bright orange would be used on the walls.

  3. The quality and quantity of light (daylight or better light). New light fixtures using perforated baskets and up lighting were specified.

  4. An interest in creating a vibe around the office space. Basically an atmosphere where ideas were discussed openly.

  5. Create pockets of open/bull pen space. We used low panels of 54” high, so that employees could see each other when standing, and 42” high panels in bullpen areas.

  6. Areas of privacy to make personal telephone calls. We created “telephone booths” for privacy.

  7. Areas of quiet for relaxation. Lounge areas were set up with big screen TV’s in one section, and sound absorptive panels in another section.

  8. Areas of fun to mix with other employees. We designed foosball, table tennis and TV’s in areas with café tables near the pantries.

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